Hotel history

Hotel De Flandre history

Hotel de Flandre, right in the centre of town, consists of two coach houses with five floors each.

These buildings date back to the early nineteenth century which since their origin, as far was we could verify, served as a hotel. That is why a few original details from this era were conserved and many of the authentic elements are still present in most rooms at the hotel.
The entrance hall is a beautiful example. In the 1800s it was the entrance for the merchants who arrived by horse-drawn carriage. The rooms on the ground floor with a view to the courtyard used to be the stables.

Another feature from this time is the plastered façade of this beautiful building, which is well conserved and was restored with great care. Hotel de Flandre has eight bays with four and a half floors, and has an ornamented frieze at the top. The entrance of the building is actually a gate.

Throughout its fascinating history the hotels welcomed may famous and prominent guests. The suite, for example, once was the home base of the Austrian composer Joseph Strauss, who stayed in Ghent during the performance of his music in 1838. Other famous hotel guests include the remarkable French writers Chateaubriand and Lamartine, members of the entourage of King Louis XVIII’s, Baron Louis, Duke of the Beugnot, and Bertin de Vaux, director of the ’Journal Universel’.